Men's Fashion Affiliate Program

If you're looking to earn some extra money, join our exclusive men's fashion affiliate program at Standout. 

About the Affiliate Program 
We offer commissions on products that are sold to customers who are referred to us directly through your website. This can be done by adding genuine, trackable links or banners to Standout on your site, once you have joined our program. Sign up to the Standout affiliate program here and start earning.  

- There's a base commission rate of 4% on full-priced items and a 2% commission on sale items. Increased commission rates are available as an incentive for increased exposure.
- Average order value of £60
- Free UK delivery on all orders over £24.95
- 30-day attribution period (cookie length)
- Bespoke discount codes are available upon request.
- You can also earn commission on your own purchases at Standout. 

Affiliate Program Enquiries 
If you have any questions or queries about anything we've mentioned above, please get in touch at and we will respond as soon as we can. 

Looking to learn more about our brand and values before signing up to the program? Read our about us page and find out more.