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10 Must-Follow Men’s Fashion Influencers and Bloggers in 2024

The uprising of social media has seen a dramatic increase in the number of trend-setting individuals making successful careers as influencers on all forms of social media. Whether they’re keeping it traditional with a men’s fashion blog, curating the perfect fashion Instagram feed or handing out the latest style tips on Tik Tok and Youtube, influencers are on the rise to offer endless amounts of men’s fashion inspiration. If you’re eager to keep up to date with the latest menswear trends, keep reading to discover our curated list of the top ten must-follow men’s style bloggers and influencers of 2023 here at Standout.


How to wash a down jacket

Down jackets are a firm favourite among those looking for an outerwear piece that is guaranteed to keep you warm in the coldest of temperatures. Typically worn by mountaineers, hikers and outdoorsy types, down fabric is a lightweight material, usually filled with animal feathers. It is used as an effective,