Christian Rose Menswear

Founded in 2016 by Cheye Christian Alexander, the premium British brand, Christian Rose, was born. Offering a range of unique clothing and accessories to consumers looking to use fashion as a way to express themselves, Christian Rose prides itself on creative designs. Made with both style and quality in mind, Christian Rose has created a range of hats and accessories that are made to fit like they are tailor-made for you. No matter your personal style, elevate your everyday casual look with a Christian Rose trucker hat, available in a wide range of colours and designs to suit you. Shop the full Christian Rose men's accessories collection below.

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Who owns Christian Rose?
Cheye Christian Alexander is the CEO and Creative Director of Christian Rose menswear. The company was founded in 2016 and continues to be a popular designer brand amongst consumers.

Where did the name Christian Rose originate?
Owner Cheye Christian Alexander decided to name the company after his middle name and his younger sibling, Rose. Their mission was to help style a new generation of consumers in a way that encourages them to use fashion as a means to express themselves, hence their unrivalled designs.

Where can I buy Christian Rose hats?
Christian Rose hats are one of their best-selling items and can be purchased here at Standout. Featuring the iconic Christian Rose branded logo on a classic trucker hat style, browse through the full Christian Rose collection today to find the perfect hat for you.