Levi's Men's Tapered Jeans

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Men's tapered Levi jeans, or 'carrot' jeans as they're sometimes called, are normal fit jeans that become narrower down the leg, all the way to the ankle. Shop Standout for Levi's range of tapered jeans.

Tapered-fit jeans first arrived in the 1980's and have since become a favourite style of jeans in the UK.

Levi's range of men's taper jeans is synonymous with style and comfort. Our selection comes in three types:

- 501 - original and customised fit: Celebration, Adnan, Spirit Fit and Dirty Dawn
- 520 - extreme
- 522 slim tapers - regular and Ewan

Our Levi taper jeans are an ideal fit for men who like a clean, refined style. Is that you?

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