Lacoste Men's Underwear & Socks

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Boxer trunks are the most popular type of men's trunks, and that's why the brand decided to produce them in packs too (at a lower price, of course). You can order the set of three similar trunks if you like the sameness and prefer some definite colour or the pack of different trunks if you enjoy diversity and change. All the items are high quality, stretch and made from cotton.

You'll enjoy their convenience, softness and the comfort of wearing them. Besides, they are very stylish as well as all the Lacoste products. Mainly, these trunks are classic coloured (black, white, grey), but the green upper stripe gives the inimitable originality to the white trunks, and also, we have a set of bright boxers of blue contrast. All the wares feature an elastic, logo detailed waistband, a contoured pouch in the front and a logo on the right thigh. Nobody can mix up the Lacoste trunks with underwear of some other brand. Make your choice and get the package of the universal underwear of the famous brand on Standout

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