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Backed by over 125 years of craftsmanship, Lee boasts movement-inspired clothing that offers purposeful yet fashionable designs. From iconic American denim that evolved from rodeo-wear to modern fashion and unique men's shirts, jackets, t-shirts and more, Lee promises to offer innovative and versatile clothing. With authenticity and integrity at the heart of their brand, Lee clothing delivers on quality materials, superior fits and practical clothing that continues to inspire generations of loyal consumers whilst continuously appealing to new customers. Shop the full collection of Lee men's clothing below to find styles that suit you.

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Lee are renowned for their denim expertise, bringing exceptional quality denim jeans, jackets, overalls and more to fashion conscious men for over 130 years.

What are Lee jeans known for?
Lee were the first brand to make a pair of jeans that featured a zipper back in 1926. Since then, Lee has become a well known designer brand, recognised for their premium quality denim jeans that offer a long-lasting, flattering fit to all.

Is Lee a vintage brand?
Yes, when bought second hand you can find many vintage Lee clothing items that date back to the 50's/60's and beyond. However, all of the Lee products sold here at Standout are not vintage, as they are more recently made however, this line of classic denim jeans for men still offers a vintage-feel.

Lee vs. Levi's: Which is better?
Lee and Levi's; are both very popular designer brands that offer similar quality denim products, but their overall style is different, therefore it is hard to compare the two. Levi's offers a bigger range of clothing to fit into your everyday wardrobe rotation, with a focus on graphic tees, sweatshirts and more. Whereas Lee is a brand that focuses more on keeping up with trends and offering more staple pieces for those who prefer to make more of a statement, with patterned shirts, classic basics and more muted graphics. With regards to price, Lee tends to be more affordable than Levi's, especially when you shop for cheap Lee menswear in our Standout sale.