At Standout we are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint in many different ways. We realise sustainability is very important and we all need to help protect the Earth for future generations.

As a small independent business it can be difficult at times - as often being sustainable can cost more. But we are trying our best to grow and improve where possible. We will update this page as more changes are made to our company.

Sustainable Brands
We already stock a number of brands that are producing sustainable clothing, and we hope to add many more in the future. With Levi's using less water, G-Star using organic and recycled cotton, and Calvin Klein using recycled bottles. We hope this is just the start. You can view the full collection from all brands here - Sustainable Fashion.

100% Recyclable Mailing Bags
To send all orders out quickly and securely to customers we have to use mailing bags. However we have managed to switch over to Green PE packaging. Which means the mailing bags we use are actually made from sugarcane, and as a result is CO2 negative, renewable, recyclable and sustainable. 

Further Improvement
We realise there is still a long way to go. We are looking at ways to push this further and will continue to improve for the future.